MAY52, inc.
Leave the mayhem behind


In today's advertising world, one size does not fit all.  

For many businesses, today's advertising choices can be overwhelming. Our experience allows us to provide sound advertising strategy based solely on the unique needs and goals of each individual client. We use our experience and expertise to provide custom tailored plans to match those unique needs of each client.  

  • Job one is to help client determine a strategic advertising direction that will allow them to reach their sales/revenue goals.

  • The most important factor in developing an effective advertising strategy is understanding the characteristics of the key target audience for a business.

  • With a target audience defined, we work with the business to lay out a media plan that will effectively reach that target audience.

  • We are well versed in all types of advertising media from traditional media to all types of online/digital/social advertising and have a large network of contacts allowing us to get the best rates for our clients.

  • We don't require long term agreements. We expect the strategy we implement for your business to work. If it doesn't, you're free to move in a different direction.